I'm usually somewhere on a beach, petting a dog, behind my camera, munching on some popcorn, or making dumb jokes.

Jesus, my family and friends are most important to my heart. I'm a helper/peacemaker/achiever on the enneagram and will be your friend for life. I love animals, exploring new places, learning new things, belly laughs, binging good tv shows, and tasty food. I'm a big fan of sharks and ocean conservation. I think in another life I would be a marine biologist.

Since 2012, I've been battling some big health issues and autoimmune diseases. I've been in and out of the hospital, doctors' offices, and poked and prodded more than I'd like to count. But thankfully we found (what I hope to be) the last piece of the puzzle that was still making me sick, and now I'm finally starting to improve years later. Now, I'm an advocate for those with chronic illness and it's my heart's desire to be a safe space and encouragement to anyone walking this road.


We're Mikaela and Stan - originally from Boston and North Carolina and currently living in Austin, TX.

We've been involved in the creative space for over 10 years in a professional capacity but have always found ourselves involved in artful hobbies. Stan began his career as a video editor and videographer at an entertainment & production company, and Mik in Interior Design specializing in high end residential homes.

We don't take ourselves too seriously and value memorable experiences, laughter, and genuine relationship. If you're weird, sarcastic, and can joke about yourself, we're going to get along just great :)


Typically climbing a tree or boulder, eating Bojangles, and telling dad jokes.​

I worked in the entertainment industry out of college, but after years of being in it, felt led to transition to something that gave me more time for my family, friends and enjoying life. I ended up working at our local church as a video editor - quite a shift! But a good one.

I've always had an interest in travel and videography, and am thankful I get to use both in my work.

I met Mikaela the first day of college and the rest is history. It's awesome having my best friend and wife as my travel and
work buddy.




We believe that alignment is key to making a good partnership incredible. We're not for everyone, and respectfully, we don't want to be! We have a deep appreciation for all kinds of styles, approaches, personalities, and goals - but the more we come into alignment with those we collaborate with, the more we see an impact.

captivating imagery that has feeling, meaning, and purpose